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Transforming Organic Waste with Ecobot. 

Ecobot Waste Converter

Ecobot Organic Waste Converter

Process a wide range of organic waste, including food scraps, meat waste, and garden debris, converting them into rich soil supplements.

Versatile Waste Processing

Ecobot can process a wide range of organic waste, including food scraps, meat waste, and garden debris. It efficiently converts these into a rich soil supplement, making it ideal for diverse waste types.

Efficient and Fast Composting

With the ability to produce compost-like material within 15-24 hours, Ecobot stands out for its speed and efficiency in waste conversion, ensuring quick turnaround for organic waste management.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Ecobot's low power consumption (0.25-0.40 kWh per batch) and compatibility with renewable energy sources make it an environmentally friendly and economically viable solution for organic waste.

Adaptable to Various Settings

Designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures (4-50°C) and suitable for intermittent use, Ecobot is versatile for different locations and usage patterns, from remote sites to event-based applications.

Main Features

Ecobot Organic Waste Converter
  • The primary inlet is built-in with a shredder for food waste.

  • Second inlet for liquids.

  • Fully automatic process.

  • All wet contact points are stainless steel.

  • PLC-based touch screen HMI interface.

  • Internal paddles provide mixing, and the insulated jacket heating ensures minimum heat loss and maximum efficiency.

  • 80-90% volume reduction and produces a soil supplement for incorporating into gardens.

  • Models from 25 to 1000kg per day.

  • No bulker or amendment is needed.

Ecobot Waste Converter

Trusted By

Ecobots boast over 400 installations across 14 countries, showcasing their global impact in efficient organic waste management.





  • Pullman Hotels and Resorts

  • Holiday Inn Resorts

  • Four Seasons

  • AstraZeneca

  • Samsung

  • EFS Facilities Services

  • Nova Maldives

  • Hanley Downs Ltd, Queenstown, New Zealand.

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