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Small-scale commercial composting systems

Global Composting Solutions is pleased to offer the smaller range of Ecobot and Comet organic waste processing units to complement of HotRot In-vessel Composting Systems.

Organic Waste Processing Units

Organic Waste Processing Units
Ecobot Organic Waste Unit

The Ecobot Organic Waste Unit is ideal for the smaller establishments needing to process food waste.

Comet Composting Unit

The Comet Composting Unit is ideal for those smaller sites that also have landscape or garden waste to process alongside their food waste.

Recycle your food waste. 

We allow you to recycle your food waste and use the product as a soil amendment to close the loop.


Ecobot Waste Converter

The all-in-one food waste solution. Produces a soil supplement in 24-48 hours


Comet Composting Unit

Process food and garden waste to produce a compost you can use on gardens. 


HotRot Technology

The larger capacity solution for all your organic waste

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